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Digitization of information and document exchange

Keep information flows under control and instantly respond to demands from users.

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Are significant announcements and news getting lost in chats and messengers? With an official communication channel, information will always reach the user.

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Send important messages and emergency notifications with push notifications. Inform customers about crucial issues and emergencies with push notifications. 


Create polls on current issues and share results with customers instead of holding endless meetings.

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Publish news about the most significant events. Add photos and videos.

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Receive feedback from your users and solve emerging problems faster and easier. Free up some time for important things.

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Users will send applications and wishes directly from the mobile application, and you will receive them in the admin interface and assign executives.

Transparent workflow

Both users and executives can see the status of the applications online. No one will call you anymore to clarify the progress of work.

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Quality control

Your clients can rate the result and leave feedback. You can receive information about the quality and timing of provided services.

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Sharing documents

Get rid of routine work. Add documents for public use and enable access to personal ones for every user.

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Statutory documents, contracts, and other significant files have become publicly available. Everyone can download them at any time, and you can update them as needed.


If contract requires this, make reports on accomplished work and spending transparent. Share them regularly with users.


Access to sensitive information is available privately. Every user can see personal contracts. No more arguments about contract terms, current rates, or service bills.

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Relevant contacts

The administration is not an informational desk. Add contacts for all occasions. Let users immediately reach a particular expert instead of calling you to ask for the number.

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Administration contacts

Add the primary number, and help users quickly find the number of an accountant or lawyer. It will distribute the call flow and free you from unneeded communication.

Emergency contacts

For emergency situations, add the numbers of on-call staff such as electricians, security guards, etc. It will significantly increase the responsiveness to a specific problem.

Other communication channels

Add links to groups and chats where your users can communicate together. 

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Digitalization of information exchange
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Simplification of accounting management

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