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​Access control

Each modern facility has many access devices, such as barriers, electronic locks, service elevators, shutters, etc. Also, it has an access control system to manage equipment. 

Typical situation

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Miscellaneous equipment

Most specialized access control equipment is produced by different manufacturers and each provides its own access control system.

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Features duplication

As a result, from 2 to 4 access control systems operate at the building simultaneously. They perform the same functions but are not related. As a result, users carry a bunch of keys - one from each door. 

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DJIN benefits


Remote control

Add, change, or remove any access for any access point for any user remotely from a user-friendly interface


Equipment operation status

Monitor the status of all equipment online and open or close any door remotely using DJIN tool.


Event log

Monitor log and infrastructure data in real-time.


Unified system

Different local systems work as part of one unified access control system.

How to switch to full equipment monitoring

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First of all, create an initial database as the basis for building a modern access control system. As a result, use this database to connect an access control system faster.


Use our product digitalization of information exchange to create your database.

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Next step

Next, add all access points and users' access rights to the database.


Define access policy and guest access rules.

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Integrate existing equipment or replace it, depending on the specific situation at the facility.


You can learn more about the technical aspects and basic requirements for equipment integration here.

Ready to join DJIN?

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Benefits of an integrated approach

By completing the first stage, you will receive the following benefits for your business and residents.

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Different types of access

Users will be able to use different access keys simultaneously.

- older people mostly cards or key rings;
- younger people a phone or FaceID.

And you will be able to manage all these types of access in one interface!

Guest access

Add an unlimited number of temporary accesses for guests, staff, service departments, etc.

- limited or unlimited access time;
- selected access points or entire facility;
- unlimited or selected quantity of entrances.

Grant access through a unique code, QR code, or link.

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Unified access policy

Configure a unified facility access policy according to three options:

- users provide temporary access on their own (within their access rights);
- users provide temporary access through confirmation by the administration;
- only the administration provides access.

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Learn more about DJIN features

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