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Analytics and resource accounting

Arguments with residents about charges for utilities are one of the primary issues the administration has to resolve. The automated billing system prevents this problem. The transparency of the bills for using common areas fosters trust between you and your customers. 

What is your current situation?


Manual work

Do you still rewrite meter readings manually?


Missing data

Can't calculate the imbalance due to a lack of complete data?



Are there any cases of non-admission to take readings from meters?


Access issues

No way to quickly access some rooms with counters?



Do you have limited ability to deal with misuse?


Accounting problems

Does your accounting department get numerous questions from clients daily?

Sounds familiar?

If you are in a similar situation


You should read on and change it once and for all by installing an automated resource accounting system.

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To switch to automated resource accounting, you need

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Remote reading tools

If you have outdated metering devices, you will have to replace them.

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Automated accounting system

As soon as you install these tools, you can immediately start using them by making a few settings.

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We are always at your service.

If you need technical advice on specific device support or how to optimize the replacement of obsolete equipment, we are ready to help.

What settings are required

If you are already taking advantage of the digitalization of the exchange of information and documents, you can easily connect to automated accounting. All the required information on real estate objects and the database of residents is already in the system.

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Add metering devices and choose the facility.

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Specify the hierarchy according to the physical connection scheme.

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Connect meters to an automated resource accounting system.

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And then

You will receive a comprehensive accounting of utility consumption online.


You can use this information both for internal use, or provide it to your customers in the mobile application.

Help your residents save twice!

The lack of awareness by the client of the correlation between his behavior and his energy bill pushes the majority to non-energy-saving behavior.

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Save on the costs of consumed resources by individual meters

The total fee in the bill for the last month does not encourage people to save.

"Providing detailed statistics to users on their online consumption reduces costs by 15%".


Research by the Fraunhofer Institute


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Save on consumption of resources in common areas

Оpen accounting of resource costs in common areas will show the correlation between open doors in the stairwell or turned lights in the common hall and the bill for common areas utility cost.

This solution will change customers` behavior in common areas and save them money.

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Anticipating some questions


We do not take readings from your old meters.

No, we do not know how to do miracles and do not know how to take readings from old meters remotely.


We don't install cameras.

Also, we do not install video cameras that identify numbers using a neural network.


We do not sell robots.

We do not sell robots that are supposed to write down readings automatically for you from old meters.

You still need to upgrade old meters to modern ones to take advantage of automated resource accounting.

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Automated data capture 
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Equipment monitoring
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