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Accounting simplification

Finally, all the information about the company finances can be on hand. Analytics and routine financial tasks are one click away from you. Now, a single person can handle all the ongoing tasks spending less time on billing, invoices, and payments.

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Everything on the dashboard

Everything you need to know or pay attention to is displayed on a single dashboard. No issues will be overlooked anymore.

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The financial status of the company updates online. You can easily filter debtors according to the required parameters and see the entire history of charges.


Add installments of up to 6 months for debtors in a few clicks. All the following invoices will be automatically adjusted by the monthly installment amount.

Quick actions

Instantly navigate to pages requiring attention from the dashboard. You will see the list of customers with debts, expiring contracts, and new payments requiring manual verification.

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Generate and send invoices automatically

Working with the bill has never been so easy. Routine operations are done automatically. You interact with invoices generated and sent in advance to the client's e-mail.

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Monthly billing

The system automatically generates all invoices according to the signed contracts and sends them to clients. Now you can be sure that billing is on time and none of the invoices is missing.

Payment management

Invoices, payment details, and smart filters are at your fingertips. Manage the situation and check the payment details and timing with filtration.

Manual invoicing

Add invoices for extras by selecting them from templates or filling in the payment details and cost.

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Documents generation

Create templates for typical documents and use them many times. Generate new contracts or invoices using templates in seconds.

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Contracts templates

Add a contract body text and use it as a template. Include variables in the body text to autofill information from the database. Every time you add a new contract, you just type a validity and rate. And that`s it.

Invoices templates

Add your typical invoice to the templates. Your clients will not notice a thing while you save time by automating this routine task.

Extras templates

Add all the extras and their cost to a quick access list. Generate invoices for extras faster by picking the needed service from this list. This feature will save you a lot of time

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Incoming payments accounting

You don`t need a full-time accountant anymore. Teach your customers to include payment purposes and enjoy automatic payment allocation. 

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Statements upload

Direct integration with your bank account (if supported by the bank) and manual import of statements are available. We recommend direct integration since every process occurs automatically.

Automatic payments allocation

Each client has a unique identifier within the system. It can be a passport number, a personal account number, or something else. The client includes it for payment purposes, and then payment allocates automatically.

Manual allocation

Of course, some users will not include payment purposes from time to time. For these cases manual allocation tool is available. 

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Accounting charges transparency 

Transparency and trust is the key to building reliable relationships and liability. With the DJIN tool, you can enable easy and quick access to any accounting information for your clients.

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Accounting information is entirely open. Your clients see the same information in their mobile app that you see in your admin dashboard.

Payments history

Misunderstandings about payments and invoices are in the past. Now your clients can track invoices and payment history in the mobile application. No clarifications are needed since the human element ruled out from financial accounting.


Users have full access to all information about themselves. The system tracks and stores all balance changes since its creation. Such as users` virtual balances for individual contracts or real estate objects. 

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Digitalization of information exchange
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Simplification of accounting management

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