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Automated data capture 

All modern buildings have metering devices with automated data capture and equipment condition monitoring. They are usually mounted directly before the completion of construction works, and without them, an effective operation is impossible.

If the facility was built without automation

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You can do the reverse. First, assemble a list of systems that you intend to control.

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Next, add a list of already installed equipment at the facility.

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Use this information as the basis for the technical task for the automation system.

We have two products:

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The automated billing system prevents this problem. The transparency of the bills for using common areas fosters trust between you and your customers. 

Analytics and resource accounting

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The system of equipment monitoring is the basis for making quick and effective decisions on the operation of the facility. It helps to reduce the response time to emergencies.

Equipment monitoring 

Customer Motivation

There are many reasons to install the automated data capture system. Usually, the motivation for change is multiple problems at the facility.

The most common reasons are below. If you recognize your problems - think about starting to write the technical task for the automation system.

Reasons to have an automated data capture system



The desire to optimize costs is one of the most common reasons. Optimization of operating personnel and cost reduction in the operation of equipment is the most common motivation of our customers.


Struggle against misuse

In second place is the struggle against abuse. This applies to both employees and residents. Manipulating the data of personal meters or submitting acts of non-existent equipment malfunctions elimination is a common practice.


Emergency warning

It is better to learn about the emergency operation of equipment in advance by using a network of sensors than to deal with the consequences of accidents and pay for expensive repairs.


Flexibility in decision making

Equipment and system operation control helps to maintain the system at a convenient time for you or at the first signs of malfunctions and avoid critical situations.


Reducing energy costs

By optimizing the operation of all systems and receiving feedback from the sensor network, you will reduce energy costs by 15 to 40 percent. In addition, by transferring the support of the specified parameters to automatiс equipment, you will avoid the human aspect of decision-making.


Increasing the cost of m2

Tell your investors or residents about the availability of intelligent systems at the facility, which help to save money and provide a new level of service! This will not go unnoticed and will become another argument to choose your facility for purchase or rent.

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Analytics and resource accounting
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Equipment monitoring
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