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Administrative costs reduction

Digitalization of administrative and accounting processes is a  way to decrease administrative costs. DJIN system automates all routine tasks, makes processes faster, and results predictable.

Let`s solve the problems that have been accumulating over years!

Lack of proper process control and paper document flow is a direct path to inefficient management of the enterprise and raising of administrative costs.

Duplication of administrative functions, blurred responsibility for results, or excessive bureaucratization of processes - just worsens the situation.

Typical problems


Lack of time

The administration has become an information desk and does not have enough time for its work.


Noone is responsible

Everyone is responsible for everything and no one is responsible for anything, or, on the contrary, the procedure is written in such a way that it is impossible to solve the emerging problems in any way.


Work is getting worse

No matter how many employees you hire, the quality of work does not improve. As the number of staff increases, the processes management, and employees performance efficiency decreases.


Issues are not resolving

Most of the working time is spent not on solving the issue but on searching for the guilty and figuring out the circumstances


Routine tasks take up all the time

Day by day and month by month your accountants spend all their time on routine accounting tasks.


Accounting is getting out of control

The accounting department receives an enormous number of inquiries from clients regarding clarifications and regular checkups on mutual payments.

Sounds familiar?

These were typical problems that our current customers had before meeting us


If these problems sound familiar to you, keep on reading because you already have a reliable tool for solving them

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How we can help you

Any up-to-date business can increase efficiency from digitalization and automation of processes.

We don`t promise a miracle but offer you a simple and reliable tool, that helps your business digitize in a convenient and fast way.

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And then

Everything depends on you


If you join DJIN, you`ll get rid of most problems once and for all! 

We have two products

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Information exchange digitalization

Keep information flows under control and instantly respond to demands from users.

Learn more

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Accounting management simplification

Finally, all the information about the company finances can be on hand. Analytics and routine financial tasks are one click away from you. 

Learn more

How it works


You control processes 

All routine tasks are performed by employees strictly within the established procedure and each specific task has its own separate section. The applications section is for the requests, and for accounting - the financial one. All important information to make quick management decisions is collected in the easy-to-use interface for managers.


You do not depend on specific performers

Your team is not irreplaceable. You don`t have to restore information in case of firing an employee anymore. You can hire new staff and they will immediately start to perform their duties effectively.


Relevant team size

You can control all the processes and see an actual load on your employees. Now you can change the team size you need to manage your business effectively. Now you can even outsource some of the tasks.


Require better performance

Established processes make employees become effective, and new workers can start performing their duties instantly. You find out about poor employees` performance immediately by watching the progress in DJIN system and receiving feedback from customers. It encourages employees to work better.

Learn more about DJIN features

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Digitalization of information exchange
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Simplification of accounting management

Ready to join DJIN?

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